Integrating Azure AI Search With Azure Prompt Flow — Part 4 & 5

Shweta Lodha
4 min readFeb 2, 2024

This is the fourth article in continuation to my previous three articles, where I explained about Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow. Here are those:

Part 1 — Getting started with Azure Prompt Flow

Part 2 — Create, update and test Azure Prompt Flow locally

Part 3 — Chat With Custom Data — FAISS Index & Azure ML Prompt Flow

In this article, I will explain how we can utilize Azure AI Search with Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow to get answers from out text document. This is how the flow will look like:


In order to implement the solution, few things have to be in place. Here is the list:

  • An active Azure subscription
  • An instance of Azure OpenAI with deployed models
  • An Azure Machine Learning Workspace
  • A compute instance up and running

I’ve already covered all the required information to fulfill these prerequisites, in my previous articles (link is on the top of this article). Hence will start directly with index creation part using Azure AI Search.

Create AI Search Index