All About Semantic Kernel — Ongoing Series

Shweta Lodha
1 min readMar 21, 2024

If you’ve not heard about Semantic Kernel, it is an open-source SDK, which bridges the gap between AI and native code.

At its core, SK, which is short for Semantic Kernel serves an orchestration layer and provides us with a single SDK for developing Generative AI applications. Let’s say you’re creating a chatbot which needs SDK to call OpenAI API. Semantic Kernel lets you do that by exposing all the required interfaces/classes like OpenAIChatCompletion and AzureTextCompletion to interact directly with the API. This is just an example, there are lot many things we can do using SK.

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Treat this article as a series, in which I’ll be explaining lot many different scenarios and concepts with respect to Semantic Kernel on a weekly basis.

So, stay tuned!

Here are the topics which I’ve covered so far:

  1. Introduction to Semantic Kernel

2. How to get started with Semantic Kernel

3. Read LLM prompt from a text file

4. Using prompt template with Semantic Kernel

Happy learning!